Hi! We’re a team from the GNH Centre, Bhutan. A small civil society organization based in Bhutan, our purpose is to share Bhutan’s  unique development  philosophy  of  Gross  National  Happiness  (GNH),  which   seeks  to  integrate  equitable  and  sustainable  socio-­economic development   with  environmental  conservation,  cultural  promotion,  and  good  governance. The GNH Centre Bhutan also offers courses about GNH philosophy in Bhutan and around the world.

We have been invited to speak at the New Economy & Social Innovation Forum(NESI) in Spain this April! This event aims to brings together for the first time in history the main international representatives of the so-called New Economic Movements (NEMs). We are honored to be invited and excited to participate; however, the GNH Centre Bhutan is almost entirely self-funded through our programs. We are asking for your support to get to NESI and back. Anything that you can chip in will help us with our travel costs, which add up to £2.500.


We want to go to NESI to tell our story and share how GNH is applied in Bhutan and increasingly around the world. The story of Bhutan, which has been leading the way with an alternative path toward development, has inspired many people to date and we want to continue doing so. Please helping us to do this by supporting us to attend the NESI Forum.
Thank you.

What will you get? If you chip in £25, we’ll send you a lovely postcard with artwork by George Lewis & Jarek Kotomski.

If you chip in £100, you’ll get an awesome GNH Centre mug with our logo and surprising new designs.

If you chip in £300 we will send you a very special signed artwork. This unique gift is a photograph by renowned artist and GNH Ambassador George Lewis, from his series about Bhutan.

 And if you support us for £500 or more, you get EVERYTHING: postcard, mug and a unique photograph of Bhutan’s magic.

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